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Adult Contemporary

Adult Contemporary

      1. A longer rope

      2. All over again

      3. Another chase

      4. Daisy (wake up in a daisy)

      5. Down on you

      6. Fly Away

      7. Forever and again

      8. Hey, Hey it's me

      9. I don't know about love, anymore (contemporary version)

      10. I love you too

      11. I only want you

      12. I'm sorry I'm not sorry

      13. It's alright

      14. Kingdon Come

      15. Like it was yesterday

      16. Long overdue love

      17. Momma, Son is alright

      18. No-Not-Me

      19. No other Lovin'

      20. One Lover

      21. Please stay the night

      22. That's where you'll find me now

      23. The liberty station

      24. The window

      25. There's something wrong with you

      26. This is Planet Earth

      27. Tina

      28. We can never be

      29. We only wanted to be friends

      30. Who ate the pie (dear mom)

      31. Why when we say (that it's over)

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